What Is Diamond Colour?

Diamonds naturally occur in a variety of colors depending on the degree of presence of other minerals during formation. Some highly prized diamonds have hues pink, blue, even yellow. However, more commonly, a diamond is born within the colour range of white or colourless to a tint of light yellow. The more clear or colourless the diamond, the more rare and valuable. 


Diamond Colour Grading

Diamond colour differences are difficult to detect and therefore are graded in controlled environments where calculated measurements are possible. The diamond industry has adopted the Geological Institute of America's (GIA) diamond colour grading scale whereby the scale begins with the letter D, representing colorless, and continues, with increasing presence of color, to the letter Z.


Diamond Colour Chart

Diamond: D-E-F Colour Grade



Slight differences in colour between D, E, and F diamonds can be detected by a gemologist and rarely by the untrained eye.

Diamond: G-H-I-J Colour


Near Colourless


Containing only traces of color detectable by a gemologist.

Diamond: K-L-M Colour Grade


Faint Colour


Faint colour (usually a yellow tint) is more easily detected by the naked eye.

Diamond: N-R Colour Grade


Very Light Colour


Diamonds in the N-R colour range have a visible yellow or brownish tint.

Diamond: F-Colour


Light Colour


Diamonds of this range often have too much yellow or brownish colour to be sold as a colourless or white diamond.



Fluorescence refers to a diamond's tendency to emit a soft colored glow when tested under ultraviolet light. Roughly 30% of diamonds fluoresce to some degree. Colourless (D-F) fluorescent diamonds can sell at up to a 15% discount since the fluorescence is considered a defect.


What Is My Diamond's Colour Grade?

A diamond's colour grade is located on your loose diamond or jewellery appraisal certificate. An appraisal certificate is normally provided by your jeweller upon purchase and is necessary for proof of value and to obtain insurance coverage.

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